Importance Of Corporate Record Keeping


Download The Importance of Corporate Recordkeeping

Secure the Protection Your Corporation or LLC provide.

 Corporations and Limited Liability Companies are powerful business tools. When structured properly, they can provide an impenetrable shield of protection, but if you fail to maintain proper corporate formalities you can be personally exposed to liability and possible tax penalties.

The Importance of Recordkeeping will provide you with the information you need to keep your company strong: 

  • What might you be missing if you formed your own Corporation or LLC?
  • Most common mistakes small business owners make that leave them exposed:
  • By-laws, Meeting Minutes, Resolutions are all required for your business.
  • What actions need to be documented?
  • The documentation required for Limited Liability Companies.
  • Will your corporation or Limited Liability Company stand up to scrutiny?

 If you aren’t sure where you stand with your corporate records, take the corporate health checklist and see where you stand.

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