Corporate Compliance

The Importance of Corporate Formalities

So you've incorporated or formed your LLC, now what? Incorporating offers the power of liability protection but the only way the courts enforce that benefit is if you treat the Corporation like a Corporation. Unfortunately, people incorporate and continue to treat the company as if it's a Sole Proprietorship. Read the 10-most common mistakes business owners make in regards to corporate compliance.

When you incorporated you agreed to meet the legal requirements of corporate ownership. You agreed to follow the corporate formalities that govern the corporate structure.

Without proper Corporate Formalities, your business, your home, your personal investments, everything you incorporated to protect, could be wiped out overnight.

In the eyes of the law, it doesn't matter if you are the sole person on the board of directors, the only officer and the only employee; small closely-held Corporations are under the same legal obligations as big private companies. In fact, it is even more critical that you show separation between yourself and the company.

At Laughlin we've helped thousands of business owners maintain their corporate records. We've developed several powerful tools and numerous resources to help you maintain the liability protection your Corporation should provide.

Learn About The Corporate Veil Program


The Corporate Veil Protection Service

Take the guess work out of managing your corporate records with the Corporate Veil Protection Service.

We Help You Manage Your Entity:

  • Maintain Corporate Formalities
  • Consolidate Your Records
  • Track The History of Your Company
  • Reduce Risk of Late Penalties
  • Assist With Keeping Your Company In Good Standing
  • Streamline Your Business Operations

How It Works: 

When you become a member of the Laughlin Associates Corporate Veil Protection Program you will be contacted by your assigned Corporate Coach within 24 hours. This will be your main contact person through-out the program.

The first step will be to audit your records to determine where you stand with your compliance recordkeeping. Our first goal is to get your records up-to-date if you've fallen behind.

After your records are brought current you will be contacted every month by your personalized Corporate Coach, who will monitor and make sure the actions of the company are being documented properly. You can also request documents to be produced by e-mail or on-line through your password protected digital record book.

Once a document is complete we will send you a hard copy to be signed and inserted into your corporate record book. You will have the ability to review all your corporate records on-line in your own password protected digital record book.


 Initial review of your corporate status.

You will have a dedicated account manager calling to go through a quick questionnaire to see where you stand with your corporate documentation.

$125,000 Corporate Compliance Guarantee.

We will guarantee the integrity of your Corporate Veil up to $125,000

Unlimited custom corporate documents.

All documents, including minutes, resolutions, and amendments, will be produced based on the information you provide. All documents are specific to your company.

 Unlimited access to your personal corporate coach.

Correspond by phone or e-mail anytime to receive quick, knowledgeable answers to your questions. In addition, your corporate coach will proactively reach out to you twice a month to review any additional document needs of your company.

 12 month calendar of recommended documents.

Based on how you answer the initial questions you will have access to a customized calendar that will remind you about certain filings and other deadlines for your business.

 Reconstruction Of Missed Corporate Records.

We have found that in most cases clients have neglected most if not all of their corporate documentation. In some cases they are even missing vital pieces such as the By-Laws or Organizational Minutes. If your company is 3 or even 30 years old we will work with you to get your corporate or LLC records caught up.

 Protection Of Your Corporate Records/Digital Records.

Using state of the art technology to protect your information we store all data on a secure system. As part of your service we will maintain your records for future use while you are a client of the Corporate Veil Protection Service.

 Subscription to "The Corp Veil" monthly e-newsletter.

Receive updates of current compliance requirements, business tips and strategies. This e-newsletter contains business tips, tax deductions and informational resources for the corporate owner.

 Assistance with state filings.

You will be notified of upcoming state requirements to make sure you keep your company in good standing and avoid late fees imposed by the state.

 Ongoing Business Strategy Webinars.

You will have access to informative, relevant webinars that cover a variety of topics such as asset protection, retirement planning, tax savings, employment issues, and corporate law just to list a few.

 Professional Resident Agent Service.

All Corporations and LLC's in the United States are required to use a resident agent. Failure to designate a resident agent in the state in which you form your company or in the state in which you qualify to do business can cause your company to be in default. We will go on public record as your Resident Agent in the state in which your company is formed.

 Corporate Tax Consultation.

Skilled tax professionals are available to answer your tax questions, to help you develop a tax strategy to minimize your taxes and help you limit your audit risk.

Get Started - PRE-PAY ($795/yr)


Get Started - INSTALL ($110 enrollment + $70/mo.)

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